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Website Redesign for a Oil and Gas Accounting Software Company.

UI/UX Case Study

About The Client

The company provides a modern Production Operations platform for modern Energy operations. Their Software links all facets of Production Operations to help companies communicate across all Operations departments. Whether it’s automating production or regulatory/government reports, simplifying reconciliations, integrating with multiple SCADA/accounting/engineering platforms, or using machine learning and AI to answer questions like “What facility needs my attention today and why” or “which well is at risk for downtime” and more.


  1. Field Data Capture
  2. Production Management & Surveillance
  3. Event Tracking & Custom Forms

Website Redesign Current Website

Problem Statement:

  • The website was not optimized for responsive design, therefore mobile users were encountering issues using it.
  • The website UI was out of trend and not easy to use.
  • Bits and pieces of information were only provided and scattered throughout the page. This created a problem in giving a true purpose of the Account Software that the website was supposed to portray.
  • CTAs were missing at the key location, and other important information was not highlighted properly to catch the user’s attention.