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Improve the way you conduct business with an eCommerce design that your consumers find easy-to-use. We tackle the hard part so that you may sell effortlessly online. Start by picking the proper plan for your audience and marketplace.

Digital Dadi specializes in creating unique online stores embedded with features that establishes a great platform to grow your business online. We put into use advanced ecommerce solutions, creative techniques and industry experience to conceive, design and develop eCommerce websites.

Ecommerce Marketing Solutions From The Experts

If you aren’t currently selling your things online, the most incredible time to start is now. If you have an e-commerce website, you must concentrate on optimizing and promoting your online shop, so you can optimize your return on investment (ROI) and stand out from the competition.

Feel free to navigate the areas that best meet your requirements, whether you’re creating and launching your website, promoting it online, or optimizing it for an increased conversion rate.

Discover how to make the most of your e-commerce business with these comprehensive materials, which vary from learning the foundations of e-commerce to finding sophisticated tactics for raising conversion rates.

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E-Commerce Website Design Process


This is where we put up a blueprint for your website called the site map. This is a guide to the look and feel of the site and what technologies will be incorporated. We ask a lot of questions and help you select priorities. We concentrate on objectives, tools, and budget to produce a plan that is suited for your organization.

Because of our in-depth preparation, we can provide you a specific estimate for each aspect of your eCommerce website. You fully know how your website will be developed and how much you are going to spend. We provide both hourly and fixed pricing. Our tailored programs decrease expenses since you pay just for the items agreed on. Together, we will build the finest possible strategy for your online business.


It is the first thing that your visitor observes. We keep to the strategy while being unique and original. Our expertise examine and tweak the design again and again to make it a great match for reaching your objectives. There again, we collect branding requirements, creative objectives and general style/concept from you to develop a gorgeous homepage design. Once the homepage is authorized, we construct various pages and components inside your site. We make sure that you have an accurate perspective of the appearance and feel of your website.

Because of how your website appears effects the footfalls and income, our creative team guarantees that you receive a fantastic-looking website without breaking the budget.


We have a tailored strategy; we have a design; now, it’s time to make your online presence a reality. Using all the design components and functionality you have agreed upon. We develop your website utilizing the tools you have picked. Our broad expertise in eCommerce website creation has allowed us to shorten the developing process to improve your online presence quicker and smarter. Our engineers will not only turn the design into web language but also optimize it for search engines.

After testing and assessment, when we are convinced that you will be delighted with our work, we offer the new website to you.


We are not done yet. Now that you have a user-friendly and eye-catching website, it’s time to concentrate on internet marketing. So, we have a well-defined approach that helps you contact your target demographic for lead generators. Our unique inbound marketing plan covers content production, landing page, and CTA construction, social media marketing, and much more.

We have the expertise to manage internet marketing for your website. They have a vast knowledge of how to make your presence known in the pool of eCommerce businesses on the web. If you are ready, then we have a plan for you.

Digital Dadi E-Commerce Services

Here’s how we start our eCommerce SEO process for our customers, and what you can anticipate when you work with our in-house team of eCommerce SEO professionals.

1. Keyword identification

Before adjusting to your website, we first undertake research to determine the terms and phrases you need to add to your content. These are termed keywords or keyphrases.

By utilizing keyword research tools, asking your customers how they describe your items or working with you to identify the popular keywords you already know, we’ll figure out how you should tell your business or products to rank well in searches.

Why keyword research is vital to eCommerce SEO?

Keywords most typically apply to your items or your store’s fundamental topic. For instance, if you offer eco-friendly pet goods, you may target keywords relating to that subject or emphasis. A few examples are “eco-friendly pet products,” “eco-friendly dog toys,” and “eco-friendly dog harness.”

Your company’s distinctive traits may help boost other parts of your e-commerce SEO. For instance, if you’re engaging in content marketing, you may publish blog entries that detail dangerous ingredients in dog food. For that sort of content, you may target the term “bad additives in dog food.”

Keyword identification is a vital aspect of our eCommerce SEO services, since it builds a successful approach for your organization.

2. Keyword implementation

The next stage in our process is to apply these high-value, relevant keywords to your website. Our eCommerce SEO professionals employ these keywords in various areas, including:

  • Homepage Page titles
  • Meta descriptions
  • Product descriptions
  • Image alt text
  • And more

This phase is vital to an eCommerce SEO strategy. Without optimizing your website for these important keywords, it’s impossible for search engines — and even people — to recognize that your website is relevant to a search query. While you can conduct your own copywriting to apply these suggested keywords, one benefit of collaborating with a full-service digital marketing firm, like Digital Dadi, is that we provide SEO copywriting services.

Suppose you decide to engage in our copywriting services for eCommerce SEO. In that case, we provide a competent staff of copywriters who specialize in various distinct fields, from manufacturing to retail to automotive. With their skills, we develop material that’s not only well-written but also on par with your brand.

3. Product page optimization

Every page on your website requires optimization for search engines. When it comes to eCommerce sites, it’s hard to find anything more critical to optimize than product pages. Product pages are particularly significant since they are most likely to rank for very specialized search terms, commonly known as “long-tail keywords.”

If you sell rubber dog bones in green, you’re probably not going to put the long-tail keyword, “green rubber dog bone,” on your site. Instead, your eCommerce SEO strategy would concentrate on optimizing product pages for these applicable long-tail keywords.

To guarantee that your product pages achieve a high position in search results, we’ll make sure that each page has a title, as well as a paragraph or two of keyword-rich prose that explains the item. It’s also a good idea to mention the model number (if there is one) so you show up in searches for that, too.

Your product pages should also feature photographs of the things you are offering.

4. Pictures give value

Images add value to users and search engines. Your photographs give consumers perspective on your product, from its size to its color to its functions. For search engines, your pictures show information in the context of your product page.

It’s vital to remember, however, that it’s critical to optimize photos for search engines. Google and Bing, Yahoo, and other search engines cannot “read” photos. They depend on the picture filename, image alt text, and adjacent material to comprehend images.

That’s why our specialized staff optimizes your photographs for SEO. Plus, we evaluate each page of your website in-depth to verify that you’re targeting long-tail keywords and that you’re not missing critical SEO aspects like title tags. The outcome is a product page that’s ready to convert customers.

5. Navigation optimization

SEO for eCommerce sites also entails making your site user-friendly. You need an easy-to-navigate website, even if you sell a vast assortment of items. We’ll make sure that everything has proper sections or categories and a link to each top-level page from someplace in your menu.

It’s also crucial that your navigation is straightforward to use and comprehend. If not, you may discover that people become confused and quit your site practically as soon as they arrive. Why remain if they can’t find what they want? This swift departure — often termed a “bounce” — might contribute to a more significant bounce rate.

High bounce rates signal search engines that your website isn’t as relevant for the search phrases it’s ranking for — which is why a high bounce rate might lead to a reduction in your rankings. That’s why site design and the design of your landing pages are vital aspects of eCommerce SEO.

One of the finest techniques we’ve discovered to increase SEO for eCommerce is to employ breadcrumb navigation. Breadcrumbs are tiny links that display at the top of a menu, category, or product page. Like the fable of Hansel and Gretel, a trail of breadcrumbs on a website guides you back to where you were before.

Our award-winning web designers will utilize this strategy to add links and keywords to your pages and optimize the usability of your websites for visitors. For optimal results in your website’s usability, we provide user experience testing services.

6. Content creation

Since it’s challenging to compete online, one of the most significant ways you can add SEO value and bring in buyers is to generate fresh content for your eCommerce site. Content may come in the form of a blog, articles, press releases, and even e-books.

A content marketing plan serves two purposes: one, to provide search engines with even more stuff to crawl for keywords and phrases, and two, to persuade prospective buyers that you are intelligent and trustworthy.

The greatest thing is, content marketing may increase your website’s conversion rates. Why? With original and informative material, you’re delivering value to users by answering their queries or offering them assistance.

More than 60 percent of visitors appreciate firms that develop personalized content, which may set your eCommerce site apart from competitors in your field. That’s why firms that employ content marketing more than treble their conversions than organizations that don’t.

For content marketing, most eCommerce websites prefer to put up a blog. Blogs come in numerous forms and sizes and might have one post a month or many postings a day. You may find it best to concentrate on one or two postings a week for your online shop.

You may write on anything your clients find interesting, including trends in your business or new items. If you offer pet supplies, you might even organize a contest to select the prettiest pet among your consumers. The improved conversion rate organizations enjoy with content marketing

Additional material may include:

  1. Videos for how-tos on product maintenance or usage
  2. Infographics on themes relating to your goods or business
  3. Articles regarding industry issues you are familiar about
  4. Long-form material like e-books or white papers


Ready to make your shop more noticeable online?

Your online shop shouldn’t be stranded on page two (or worse) (or worse). With support from one of the nation’s premier SEO services, you can feel the power of being on page one. An eCommerce website ranks highly, attracts as many consumers as possible, and converts more clicks into sales.

With Digital Dadi and our eCommerce SEO services, you may attain your objectives.

Contact Digital Dadi now to find out how a tailored eCommerce SEO strategy can make your business more visible and transform more of your traffic into actual, paying customers. We’ll work with you to design a plan totally suited to your individual requirements.

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